Program for Income tax filing to Autofill the ITR1 Form from Form16 -  Assesment Year 2012

Autofill_ITR1 Version 1.3

1.Copy Entire form16 Pdf document and paste it in text file with notepad.
      Open form 16 pdf document
      Press Ctrl+A in key board  to select all the data
      Press Ctrl+C to copy all the data
     Open new notepad document (Goto run and type "notepad" to open notepad)
     Press Ctrl+V to paste all the data
     Save the text file with any name.

2.Download excel file name "Autofill_ITR1.xls"  as given below and save it in location "C:\"
Click here to download  

3.Download excel file named "2012_ITR1_PR12.xls"  as given in the below link and save it in location "C:\"

2012_ITR1_PR12.xls 2012_ITR1_PR12.xls
Size : 1421 Kb
Type : xls
Download name zip file from and
save the file named as "2012_ITR1_PR12.xls" from zip file in location "C:\"
4.Open Excel file named "Autofill_ITR1.xls" in location "C:\" and select the sheet named as "start."

5.Click the first button " Click here to Load Text file copied from Form 16"
in sheet named as "start"to load the saved file as in point 1.

6.Click the second button " Click here to Write the Data in efiling Template"
in sheet named "start" to write in final template.

7.Verify final template excel file whether it is copied correct data form16.
Address and bank account number and few other information need to be filled manually which is indicated in the below screen shots.
Size : 207.784 Kb
Type : zip
Known Efiling steps:
8. a) once the Excel template file 2012_ITR1_PR12.xls is filled and ready, then Click button "Validate" in each excel sheet
    b) Click the button "Calcuate Tax" in the sheet  Income Details of the excel file 2012_ITR1_PR12.xls.
    c) Click the button "Generate" in the sheet  Income Details of the excel file 2012_ITR1_PR12.xls.
    d) Now you you will get new excel sheet and click the button "Save XML".
     e)Now The location of  "XML" file will be displayed.
9. a) Log in to the below e-filing website
link- login 
   b)Goto the below link, and select "ITR-1" in the option box 'Select Form Name'. Select second option as No then Click  Next
link -  AY2012
   c)  Upload the "XML" file in the respective page.
   d)  After completion you will receive an email with "ITRV" pdf document.
   e) Print the ITRV document and post it to the below address,
       Income Tax Department - CPC, Post Bag No - 1, Electronic City Post Office, Bangalore - 560100, Karnataka.

Please check Row number 7 in 3rd sheet named as "Taxes paid and Verification"  of the excel file "2012_ITR1_PR12.xls".
If that value Refund is greater than zero means you have paid additional taxes. 
Government will repay that amount.  You can select "YES" in row number 9 for online transfer from Government.
.In this case you have to select the Tax status as "Tax Refundable" in row number 32, in sheet  named  "Income Details" of the excel file "2012_ITR1_PR12.xls".

Please ensure that you need only ITR1 document by referring this below link,
List of form
Done :)

Release Date: 16.6.2012
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Tool devolopment :- Kumarasamy R
Tech support :- Berly John

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